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A Complete Guide To CCTV Drain Surveys


The process of CCTV drain survey has improved significantly due to the adoption of various advanced technologies. These technological advancements include remote-controlled crawler units, HD digital cameras, 360-degree visuals, and push-rod cameras. The London CCTV drain survey is the most reliable and quickest survey to access the condition of the drains.

Why Is A CCTV Drain Survey Required?

If your property follows the rules of the IPPC License, you are authorized by the Environment Authority to take precautions to keep the drainage system in order. Installing CCTV drain surveys frequently is fundamental to the maintenance of the drainage system. The problem behind consequential blockages needs to be addressed before it increases.

Problems Recognized In The Drainage Network

The common problems recognized in the drainage network are as follows:

Collapsed Conduit

Collapsed conduit is a very serious problem that may not be treated with little maintenance. It can also cause much more environmental damage. London CCTV drain survey recognizes these issues and the location to repair them at minimal costs.

Tree Root Infestation

Tree roots make their way through the gaps and cracks in the sewage system. They expand so much that it poses considerable damage to the pipes underneath and may lead to blockages. A CCTV drain survey allows you to access the problematic area and treat it efficiently.

Poorly Connected Pipes

If the connecting pipes are not appropriate, it causes the entrance and exit of wastewater into the ground. The CCTV drain survey assists in identifying the location of the problem, thereby helping to resolve the issues.

Benefits Of CCTV Drain Survey

London CCTV drain surveys are generally used in the inspection of the drainage pipes and addressing the problems associated with them. The use of robotic cameras is relatively common during this process. Following is the step by step process of drain surveys:

Drain Survey Report

The professionals provide a copy of the drain survey report, which includes all the details of the sewer like length, diameter, size, and material of the pipe. The highly qualified operators or professionals conduct this survey to ensure everything is suitable for the drainage system.

Advantages Of Drainage Survey

It gives an advanced approach to access the quality of drains. Moreover, it lets you meet all the requirements of the license, thereby clearing all the blockages in the drainage network. The reports will act as a receipt to the Environment Authority.

Affordable Process

The process is quite affordable as you don’t have to dig a hole in treating the sewer problems. Other methods like lateral cutting, patch repairs, and relining of pipes do not include digging holes. Hence, it is a very cost-effective method.

Preventive Repairs

The function of the drain surveys includes preventive repairs of the drainage system. It prevents the environment from harmful hazards and keeps it maintained for several years. Regular maintenance helps keep the drainage system in check. Therefore, it is one of the best methods to ensure the smooth working of the drainage network.

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