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Generate bitoins yourself – which is what makes a good mining rig stand out

Bitcoin mining (generating bitcoins) forms the basis for the Bitcoin payment method. In the course of mining, a cryptographic task must be solved to create the bitcoins. This means that with very powerful computers different numbers have to be found which have to correspond to certain mathematical conditions. With the help of a so-called SHA-256 calculation, a hash value must be found that must be smaller than a certain limit value. How high the limit is depends on the current level of difficulty. The maximum amount of Bitcoins that can be calculated through mining is almost 21 million.

In order to be able to carry out Bitcoin mining and be more successful than average, a mining rig is necessary. A MiningRig is nothing more than a special powerful computer that is geared towards generating bitcoins. When selecting the suitable mining rig, particular attention must be paid to some hardware components that are important for the efficient generation of Bitcoins. These include primarily powerful and efficient graphics cards. A high-quality mainboard, an energy-saving power supply unit and a powerful cooler are also very important. On the other hand, the hard disk, RAM (main memory) and CPU are less important. According to the current status, ATI graphics cards are particularly suitable. The current leader is the HD58XX series. An interesting review and reasonable discussion can be read here from one of the best crypto experts in the bitcoin world.

Whether mining bitcoins is worthwhile depends primarily on two components, namely the current level of difficulty and the exchange rate with which the bitcoin is ultimately traded. Since the difficulty has meanwhile increased significantly compared to the beginnings of Bitcoin, the computers must also become more and more powerful. If you decide to generate bitcoins, then a MiningRig is definitely many times more efficient than a “normal” PC, with which you as an individual, without working in a mining pool, can hardly generate bitcoins economically . It can be stated that more and more users are starting to buy and / or trade with existing Bitcoins. Nevertheless, it is worth investing in a mining rig to produce the bitcoins under the listed dependencies.

If you are willing to put in hard efforts, bitcoin mining is your answer to have your bitcoins.

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