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Interviewing Your Next SEO Company? What To Ask!

The success of your company depends on selecting trustworthy partners, so you have to be picky when it comes to selecting the right help to market your company online. After all, on a day-to-day basis, thousands of customers might be exposed to your brand online, and if you choose the right help, you’re certain to present a fantastic image. Without the right help, though, you may struggle. What should you ask before you hire your next SEO company? Take a look.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success isn’t defined the same way for any company, so knowing whether or not you’re getting the value you deserve can be complicated. Much of it will depend on the metrics your new SEO team shows you in every month’s report. There’s so much data involved in SEO, and hopefully, your team will be able to point to the metrics that matter most for you. Ensure they can tell you what data points they’ll show you each month, and that you understand what the difference between those data points might be and how they might translate to growth for your company. Remember, SEO takes time, but that progress can really add up, as long as you know what to look for.

Can You Promise My Company Will Hit Page One?

You’re obviously working with an SEO company because you want better rankings, but there’s a reality here you need to face. No single SEO company can promise that you’ll hit page one or even the top slot in Google’s rankings. Only Google controls how websites are ranked, and they’re making hundreds of little algorithm changes on a continual basis. While the best SEO companies can promise you that your rankings will improve, they cannot guarantee a page one ranking. The only kinds of companies that will guarantee a ranking are those using unethical methods to promote your site, and you won’t want to consider a company like that as they’ll do more damage to your rankings in the long term.

What Does Your Package Include?

You’ve probably already gotten a quote from the SEO company. Now it’s time to understand what that quote include. Base SEO packages typically include keyword research, technical SEO, internal link building, and some content editing and optimisation. Others include some external links. Others offer lots of other services like more extensive content development and local SEO help. Before you decide, though, they should itemise the list of services you can expect, and ensure you understand how each might contribute to your overall SEO profile. They should also offer you a list of add-on services so that you’ll know what the price might look like as your SEO needs begin to change.

Will You Be Link Building?

If you know anything about SEO, you’ve likely heard at least something about link building. It’s a key part of the process. You not only want a site that’s easy to navigate through lots of rich, internal links, but you also want other sites to link to yours. Search engines rank your site’s credibility based on the number of other sites that point to it, which is what makes link building so important. It’s also the most difficult part of the SEO process, though, because search engines are only looking for quality links to point to your site. If too many problematic sites point to yours, you could be banned from the search engines. As a result, you not only want to know whether your SEO company will be building links for your site, but also what their strategy might be and how often you can expect new links to point to your site.

You want your site to look absolutely amazing, and you want more people than ever before to see it any time they type in a related keyword. The best way to make that happen quickly is to work with the right SEO company. Before you talk to anyone about optimising your site, though, you’ll want to ensure the company is well matched to your organisation with questions like these. Don’t forget to throw your own questions in, but this list will certainly get you started!

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