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Rat Flap To Get Rid Of The Trouble That Rats Bring

A rat flap (also known as rat guard, rat blocker, and rat stopper) for drains is designed to prevent rodents from climbing into the drain pipes of your home and causing damage. This innovative piece is made from high-quality galvanized steel and will fit seamlessly into your household. The galvanized steel has spikes at the ends and helps in letting you know that you are safe from rodents. A rat blocker for pipes can be placed at several points within the field of view of a rodent, beginning at ground level, upper story, or roof level.

In short, rat blockers are installed into the drain pipes at breaks in the wall to stop rat migration and tunneling.

Installing And Removing A Rat Flap

Rat blockers are installed in the drain pipes to stop rats from traveling inside the drains. Installing a rat blocker is easy and relatively cheap, using materials readily available in any DIY department. By installing these resilient steel spikes, not only will they stop rats from entering your home, but they will also leave your home safe. When the time comes to remove the Rat Flap, simply twist off the small metal disc used to install it. There is no permanent damage to your pipes and any scent or mess to deal with either. You can get your house rodent proof with these rat flaps.

Benefits Of A Rat Flap

  • The easiest and best way to stop a rat from getting into your drain is to install a rat blocker. These specially engineered rat barriers stop rats from tunneling under the wall (or even up the wall).
  • A rat flap improves the quality of your water supply by keeping the rat population away from your house pipes.
  • A rat flap can make your life much easier if you have had problems with pests at some point in your life. Not only do rat blockers keep pests out, but they can also help keep your pipes fresh, thereby preventing pipe clogging.

You can buy a rat flap of different sizes according to the size of pipes in your home. (For example, A 4 inch or a 6-inch rat blocker)


You know how damaging it can be to the pipes and wires that run throughout your building if you allow these rodents to get into the drainage system. These destructive things are not only harmful to your money but can cause serious harm to your health. Rats can get into any part of your property, including your foundation or walls, and there is no way to get them out except to use a rat flap right from the beginning.

Watch out for these little fellas! They could ultimately destroy everything in their path and could be a reason behind serious health issues.

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