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Should You Buy a Tub for Your Bathroom?

A lot of us who work rigorous and stressful jobs come home bone tired and just want to plop onto the bed to rest. But such is not always the case as you spend all day outside, and you may have been sweaty and dirty during the day. You will need to clean up before you can truly take a rest. But resting does not need to commence after taking a shower or a bath. It can begin as soon as you step in your bathroom to freshen up. Taking a long shower or a warm bath can instantly relax your muscles and your mind. Investing in a good shower or a bathtub will benefit you. But should you invest in a good-sized bathtub?

You have the space for it

A freestanding bath or any other types of bathtub require a considerable amount of space in your bathroom. If you are working with a small bathroom, a tub may not be for you. But if you have space for it and you still have enough room to move around and do other things, then, by all means, have one installed right away.

Your floor can support the weight

Bathtubs are bulky and heavy, and if your bathroom is not on the ground floor, whether it is on the second floor or beyond – you will need to ensure that the flooring will be able to support the weight of the tub. Otherwise, you will regret installing it as the floor may cave in and cause irreparable damage and may harm other people in your house.

You have medical conditions that warm baths may ease

Soaking in a warm bath a few times a week may prove to be beneficial to your health. It can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, ease muscle tension and aches, and relieve stress and headaches. If you suffer from ailments and other conditions, then a tub will not only help you get clean but keep you healthy as well.

You have the time to use it frequently

If taking a bath is one of your day’s highlights, then you will benefit from investing in a good-quality bathtub. Relaxing in your own home after a long day and sipping wine or reading a book will get you ready to face another barrage of chores and other housework. But if you are barely home and when you are you feel that filling it up and spending at least half an hour or more is a waste of time; then it may be a waste of money to have one installed.

Can your heater handle filling the tub with hot water?

If your water heater is just enough to supply your shower and taps with hot water, adding in a bathtub may decrease your hot water supply elsewhere in the house. Determine the capacity of your water heater and how much hot water a tub requires for a bath. If your heater is capable of filling up your tub, then you can go for it.



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