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The Main Problems Associated With Pitch Fibre Drains


Pitch fiber drains are the most inferior and not so standard type of drainage. The lighter and cheap drains are mostly found in hospitals, schools, housing estates that were built in the late ’50s and ’70s.

People believe that these drains are the best drainage system in the past. However, as time passed, the experts concluded it as the worst drainage system.

Thus, it is advisable to look for the drainage pipe and replace or remove it using a picote cutter to avoid more repair expenses in the future.

Let us discuss further these types of drains and the problems caused by them.

What Are Pitch Fibre Drains?

The drains are made up of wood cellulose, and coal tar is known as pitch fibre drains. The drainage system installed in the 1950-70 experienced problems like overflows, leaks, and blockages. They are relatively cheap as compared to other drainage pipes. It is the reason for these drains to be present in every domestic and commercial drainage system today.

What Are The Problems Caused By Pitch Fibre Drains?

The effortless method of examining a problem in your drainage system is by using a CCTV drain survey. It is efficient in identifying problems, such as root ingress and deteriorated pipes. The problems caused by these drains are as follows:

Deteriorate Any Time

One of the issues people have with these drains is their life capacity. It is expected that pitch fibre drains can last longer for up to 40 years. Since they are lightweight and inexpensive, they easily collapse and misshapen. Moreover, the continuous exposure of water makes the internal wall of these drains deformed. It is considered to be a crucial problem for pitch fibre with the properties of removing waste and water. The situation becomes even worse if fats, oils, chemicals, high-temperature fluids are passed through it.

Root Ingress

People also suffer the problem of root ingress with pitch fibres. It means roots get into the pipe and cause damage. It is the main reason for the drains to deteriorate. Thus, it has to be removed or replaced with the help of a picote cutter so it does not become a problem in the future.


These problems can be solved by contemplating specific solutions. Some experts offer a no-dig solution for these drains that is beneficial in increasing the lifespan of these drainage systems. If compared to excavating and replacing old drains, the repair charges of the drains are surprisingly less. Also, it causes no harm to your property. The drains are eco-friendly since they encompass asbestos content. Thus, it is specifically taken to the landfill site for repair. When the problem becomes even more severe, the last option is to excavate and replace these drains with superior ones. For this purpose, speak to any skilled engineers that are well-efficient in providing you with the accurate solution to the problem. Knowing these problems earlier can prove to be life-changing for the future.

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