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The Top Reasons Why Antioxidants are Best for Your Skin

Antioxidants have always been recommended for health and wellness, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. Antioxidants found in food such as berries, nuts, vegetables, and other kinds of food can help fight free radical damage, and some antioxidants are even known as ‘free radical scavengers,’ such as vitamin C. But antioxidants are also excellent for skin care, and if you’ve noticed, there are now a lot more skincare products that have antioxidants as main ingredients. Antioxidants used in combination are even more effective. But why exactly are antioxidants best for your skin? Here are the top reasons.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Antioxidants have a plethora of benefits, but one of the most well-known is their effect on inflammation. Antioxidants are famous for calming inflammation, and antioxidants found in green tea and pine bark, as well as alpha lipoic acids, can produce anti-inflammatory effects since they can enhance circulation and improve the metabolism of cells. When your skin is not inflamed, you can have a better skin tone, and it can also help prevent acne flare-ups and keep wrinkles from forming.

  • The firming of the skin

One more advantage of using antioxidant-rich skincare products is their effect on skin firmness. Antioxidants may be able to reverse the known effects of skin ageing as they improve the health of the skin and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. COQ10, or Coenzyme Q-10, is a popular antioxidant used for promoting skin firmness, and you can mostly see it in eye creams and skin-toning products. If you want to get its full effects, try looking for moisturisers with this antioxidant and other antioxidant ingredients.

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

Even though we can’t really get rid of wrinkles altogether or make them completely disappear, some antioxidants can still reduce their appearance. Antioxidants such as the renowned vitamin C and vitamin E can improve the visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles and photodamage, and they can aid in making skin plumper and firmer. You can find a lot of antioxidant-rich skin care products from experts like

  • Treatment for scarring

Antioxidants can also be great for the treatment of scars, and although, like wrinkles, they can never fully disappear, you can still visibly reduce their appearance. Scar tissue is known to have a different structure in terms of its cells as compared to healthy, unscarred skin, and this causes it to become rigid. But there are also various antioxidants that may enhance blood flow through the scar tissue, such as antioxidants in aloe and an antioxidant extract from onions referred to as ‘allium.’ The increased blood flow can minimise the appearance of the scar and allow it to blend in with newly-formed skin cells.

  • Sun damage repair

As already mentioned, antioxidants such as vitamin E and C can tackle the signs of ageing and photodamage, and if you are constantly exposed to the sun, you would already know that it can damage the appearance of your skin and dry it out. When your skin has sun damage, it can look and feel wrinkly and tough, so you need antioxidants that can stimulate the blood flowing through the skin. Antioxidants can also encourage new cell growth and make skin suffering from sun damage look younger.

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