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Three Tips on How to Improve your Instagram Presence for yourself or for a Business

It’s easy to share your life on Instagram, on the most popular photo-sharing app. If you use Instagram already, then you know that it’s simple to use, but what can you do to improve your Instagram profile? Therefore, within this article, we will include some tips that will be useful to you.

Use the Pre-made Filters

With the help of Instagram’s filters, you may easily improve the appearance of your images. You have a choice of over 7 filters, each of which will provide a distinct visual effect. If you’re going for a more vintage look, try using the Inkwell filter. When used on portraiture, the Clarendon filter creates a vintage look with warm tones.

It’s possible to adjust the photo’s contrast, saturation, temperature and brightness after you’ve applied the filter of your choice. Before adding the effect, you may also trim the shot to match Instagram’s square shape properly. This built-in feature is used a lot by millions of Instagram users, these premade filters can bring some passion and life into the photo that you’re uploading. For example, if you wish to post a picture of your gaming setup but the natural colours make the photo look dull, then experimenting with the features will bring the photo some joy, however, in terms of gaming, if you’re seeking a new online platform for gaming then just like these sites for example you will be able to find and play a wide range of games.

Make Sure you Use Hashtags

More people will see your post if you use hashtags, these hashtags are a perfect way to reach new people and to grow a following, it can be good for networking. There are thousands of popular hashtags to use for all kind of niches, to find the best hashtag for your Instagram post, check out this site that has the best hashtags to use.

Using Multiple Images to Tell a Story

With many photos, you can tell a narrative and make your pictures more appealing to scrollers. Take two or three photographs and post them in a sequential manner to tell a tale using numerous images. When you use this approach, you’ll be able to chronicle your day in a single post. You don’t need a lot of room to illustrate what you did, where you went, and who you saw.

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