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Why Hire a UK-Based Virtual Assistant? Your Top Questions Answered

Virtual assistants can do several different tasks, but you may already know this. The bigger question is what they can do for you so you can have more free time and focus on the things that matter, regardless if it’s in your personal or business life. The virtual assistants of today are exceedingly well-versed when it comes to marketing, for example, and they can help you with both your traditional and digital marketing efforts.

Apart from this, you can rely on your virtual assistant for your blog content, or they can help you with graphic design. Of course, they can still perform other general tasks such as bookkeeping and scheduling, amongst others. But if you are seeking a virtual assistant and you are in the UK, it may be more sensible to go for one based in the same place. So why else should you hire a UK-based virtual assistant? Here, your top questions are answered.

Opting for a virtual assistant based in the UK: the benefits 

  • Whether you hire a freelancer or go with a virtual assistant agency, hiring one within the country will prove to be more cost-effective. Why? Simply because you no longer have to worry about training them in local culture and even language. Nothing will be ‘lost in translation,’ as they put it, and they will already know the culture and how it works. If you have a small enterprise, culture is a big thing. Also, you would want someone who has localised knowledge, particularly when making appointments for you, fixing your travel arrangements, and even dealing with dietary requirements when you travel or go to another place.
  • There is no problem with time zones. Although there may be virtual assistants nowadays who can readily adjust their schedule to fit yours, there is still a certain risk that comes with this because time zones may be confusing. You are increasing the risk of errors when it comes to schedules and appointments. Imagine if there is a cancelled booking or an emergency meeting – it can be more challenging to get in touch with your virtual assistant if they are based abroad, and you’d be losing time trying to contact them rather than gaining it!
  • You don’t have to worry about increased security risks or breaches. Let’s face it, dealing with security breaches or cyber threats can be more challenging as each country has different laws regarding these. But if you have someone in the UK, you can take advantage of the same rules and laws regarding intellectual property concerns. However, there is a higher risk of privacy or data breaches and scams if you are working with someone in another country, and you can be increasing your vulnerability and the vulnerability of your business.
  • A better and more stable telecommunications network and facilities. Internet and telephone facilities can regularly be disrupted in certain countries, and the connection may not be as fast, either. You wouldn’t want to be faced with a connection failure when you need it the most.

Many virtual assistants in the United Kingdom can offer you a broad assortment of services and skills, including content marketing, administration, graphic design, research, bookkeeping, and even social media management. With their skills, you can rest easy and know that your time will always be spent wisely.

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